What He Is To Me

He is the breath I take in the morning

As I thank God for another day.

He’s the reason I don’t mind at all

When people get in my way.

He’s the Springtime when the flowers bloom

A chorus I love to sing.

My favorite person on speed dial

In that distinctive lovely ring.

He’s the reason I know I will not fail

The surety in my voice.

He’s a masterpiece of reason

My significantly obvious choice.

He’s the love I never thought I had

That I never gave away.

A light in a tunnel he gives to me

A fire that burns just the right way.

He is the man that knows everything

Though I’ve hardly told him a thing.

The only one I want at night

When I can hear his heart sing.

The name I’ve always wanted

To be mine, and someday will.

I was girl lost in a web of chaos

That never could sit still.

Now that you know what he is

And all he could possibly be.

I’d tell you a million other things

Of what he means to me.




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