There are boundaries we stretch

To fit our cause

Because we are too weak

To state our truth.

Denial at the first imposition

Where deceit and loyalty collide

In a mass explosion

Right in front of our face.

If you had to chose

Would you bury her

Or me?

If you had to lie

Would you lie to her

Or me?


Honor plays no simple games

It requires all forms of decay

Like the stinky rotten flesh

Falling off of all those

With the plague

So many years ago.

I heard one of them

Was your ancestor

Imagine the luck at breeding

Before their parts began falling off.


This truth we’ve had to swallow

When they gave us nothing to drink

In fact

I don’t even remember getting kissed afterward.

Does it spoil the game

When it is recognized

Far prior

To you executing the final blow?


Do you wish,

I mean, is there a part of you

That wants