Along Comes Love

Shadows filled an empty life

Just looking for some peace.

Life ruled an empty house

Succinctly void of belief.

Torn, ripped, and taken away

She never really fought.

It took everything within her

To keep what she had bought.

Yearning for something better

She finally gave up one day

Nothing could penetrate the walls

Nobody would find the way.


Horses run across a field

Leave the place quite lost.

She’s a feeling this air is broken

For there is such lack of frost.

Up to her neck in what she wanted

But broken from disbelief.

Tears left her trying harder

She was simply sick of grief.


Flowers bloomed around her house

It reminded her of a better time

Before she felt required to protect

Far before his crime.

In blew beautiful winds of change

In the form of blind trust.

First she does what she can

Then immediately, they must.

Nothing comes in the form of a question

To them, it is their answer

Nobody is in charge here

Much like the hidden cancer.


They were sitting on the beach

She was restless

He was calm

She had a loving hand to hold

He lost his to her long ago

He ponders and asks the question

She’s been waiting months to answer.

His mind is so full it is hard for him to explain

But if you give him half a chance you’ll recognize he wasn’t to blame.

She, so taken by him and his soul

That every thought begins and ends with him.

He is lost; he is found

But yearns to be in control.

She answers his beautiful question

As beautiful tears roll down her face.

As heavens turns us away

The stars will not let us stray.

Embrace the unknown

Throw caution to the wind

Allow nature to wash over you

Say everything free

Do not worry

As we are only passing through.


Crashing waves on a beach

Leaves nothing to speculation

All the love they held in for years

Now part of dedication.

These two came along

It was straight from above

Right about the time you give up

Love comes along.


Written by Steven C. & Josephine R.

love poem



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