On Top

Shields are so heavy, when dripping with the sweat of the poor survivor holding it.

Sins are so burdensome when pulled like rotting teeth out of your head.

Love is never precarious or questionable, it is the answer to a question you never asked.

Houses are only as strong as the people that reside in it.

Companies are only as fruitful as the people they hire to represent it.

Attach a label to a person and they wear it like a badge of honor.

Water is both a cure, and deadly, even in small doses.

Heavily dangling from you are your preconceived notions of someone you’ve never met, but judge immediately based on how they look.

Music cures everything.

The person that wins is not the person on top, it is the person with the most to lose.

Sex is for the fragile, weak of heart and mind, those that know nothing of the soul.


Turn a man out to the wolves

He either fights or runs.

Not needing the distraction

Of either knives or guns.

Spent is a woman buried

From sin to ankle in tears

She looks back on a worthless life

Full of wasted years.

He wasn’t the match made in heaven

Just lies to get this way

He’s the proverbial bully in the playground

That wants everyone to play.

Now she sits alone in the dark

Wondering what is wrong with now

Why she cannot find the love she wants

Why he’d walk away from a vow.

Maybe things are about fun and games

Maybe it just isn’t her time

Maybe the answer is hidden somewhere

Deep within her rhyme.



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