There are times that I’m right

Some times that I’m wrong.

There are times that I’m so weak

Some times that I’m strong.

I know what to say

In just the right time

I know how to write

I know how to rhyme.

There are men that I love

Men that I hate

Some I walk away from

Some I make wait.

There are things that make me angry

Take me to test

Some I just fail at

But always do my best.

I miss being touched

Being held all night long

I don’t know if it made me weak

Or somehow made me strong.

I miss being heard

By someone that loves me

More than my words

More than we see.

Sometimes I just get angry

Don’t know what to believe

Worried about what he’s got

Hidden up his sleeve.

Sometimes I play music

Or just get really mad

I don’t remember the tracks

But I hide those that make me sad.

Sometimes I get lost

Don’t want to be found

It’s all the beautiful roses

All over the ground.

Sometimes I am right

Sometimes I am wrong

Sometimes I love singularly

Sometimes it’s too long.