You Can’t Save Me

You arrive at a wrangled mess

The bumper off in the trees

Part of the car in the road

The rest of it scattered in a ditch.

Everything within you is trying to figure out

What happened here.


I stand at the rim of a lake

In a beautiful white dress

Feeling the earth on my feet

Smiling, for the first time in days.


You rush to largest part of the car

Hoping you find a live human inside of it;

Your mind racing with all of the possibilities

Of medical intervention.

The 911 call went brilliantly,

Called in by strangers

That don’t understand

The complexity of this particular life.


Wading around in the shallow part of the lake

The moonlight hits it just right, and I can see its reflection

Finally, I have a moment I can just stand there looking at the moon.


Nothing will open to get you into this vehicle

Finally a machine arrives to cut the car away

From the body inside of it.

Then someone arrives on scene,

Someone that knows this car,

Someone that knows this body inside.

They fall to their knees

As they are told they can’t get any closer,

Screaming “please don’t let it be her!”


I turn around and it is daylight

Wonder how long I stood by this beautiful lake

Decide maybe it is time to explore this new place

Since now I don’t have to worry about anything.


When she is finally reached, there is no life in her

Nothing tells you there is anything you can do to save her

But honestly, there was nothing anyone could have done.


As I wander around this place

I wonder to myself

Why nobody


Tried to save me?




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