He feels like this is the best thing

He’s had in ages.

While I sit here yawning

Wondering if maybe

There weren’t something else

A little more


Out there?


I want just a little more

I want it so powerful

I need it to shoot the moon

And come back to me.

I want it just craziness

The kind you don’t find anywhere

That you feel like

You could do anything.

I need something just a little freeky

With a taste of lustfullness

That when our clothes hit the floor

We aren’t back up for days.

I want something more meaningful

Than just “I love you.”

Something that would cost a lot

If anyone could even ever find it.

I want someone quite flavorful

With so much class

Nobody would believe the things

We’ve done just to laugh.

I want it to punch the sky

Make the stars

Pull the moon

So we can see the night.

I was his kiss to be my freedom

From everything

His arms to be my protection

From my past.

I just want something more

Than you could ever be

Life only comes around once

And this is what I have in me.


You can keep your boring relationships

Where you date once a week

Slowly fall in love

Over the course of years

And I’ll keep looking