I’m the wolf that is on the prowl

The eagle flying in an endless sky

The moment you feel the pain of denial

But nobody can tell you why.

A bitter truth said in haste

In a moment of inner reflection

They said I’d have a moment to spare

But I was never going in your direction.

A bonfire it took you days to build

The rain that keeps you from burning

That endless thought in your empty head

That keeps the lust churning.

The bluest eyes you will never see

A perfect set of breasts

You’ll never touch what you cannot obtain

And you’ll never pass my tests.

I am free like the air you exhale

The last breath you’ll ever take

A momentary glance at beautiful

That’s a terrible mistake.

A shot fired from a lazy gun

With a misguided intent at a fall

A butterfly that sits on a branch

And the cognition that kills it all.

The letter that comes in the mail to you

That smells of rose and ash

The wine you took to ease the pain

The terrible burden of cash.

I am the moment you see death at first

And the very first sign of life

A deal gone wrong in a horrible game

Called “lets make this woman a wife.”

The sun when it breaks above the crest

A guest that is a bitter sham

All these things can describe me sometimes

But none of them are who I really am.