She’s the one you won’t take home

Because your mother would wring your neck.

The one you don’t talk about

Because everyone knows she’s a train wreck.

She is the battle you’ve not yet fought

In a war nobody wants.

The reason you don’t sleep at night

Because her memory haunts.

She’s seven digits on the phone

You have memorized in your head.

The feeling you get lost in at night

When you’ve finally gotten her to bed.

She’s the one that makes you angry

But not enough to walk away.

She’d take down all your defenses

Then promise to her you’ll stay.

She’s the devil in the bedroom

You barely make it out alive.

Yet a goddess everywhere else

You can almost watch it arrive.

She’s the game you can’t quite figure out

You don’t know where to begin.

The reason you won’t justify

Because ultimately, she is your sin.