Could you take a moment of your life

And cure a little bit of loneliness?

Could you take away years of pain

With one gentle kiss?

Could you explore my body

Like nobody has before?

Could we start on the bed

And end up on the floor?

Will you get lost with me

Inside a moment of haste?

Not let anything

Go to waste?

Can you cure my loneliness?

Can you take it all away?

Then tomorrow we can get up

Start a whole new day.



I just want you

I just want us

Without any promises

Without any fuss.

I just want to remind myself

I’m a woman, at last

Without anything to worry about

Without this crazy past.



I’ll give into you

If you give into me

We can just go one

The way we used to be.

This doesn’t have to start anything

We can make it just one night

Starting with a gentle kiss

Given with all your might.

Then tomorrow when we carry on

Nobody will know what we’ve done

They won’t know our history

They won’t know what we’ve begun.



3 thoughts on “Cure

  1. Could I rediscover every corner
    with you as my guide
    lost in a sea of emotions
    thrown from the surfaces
    upon which we lay.
    Just one embrace
    to last a lifetime
    a warmth
    a love
    to fill
    my empty space.

    Wow, just wow.
    Thank you for inspiring.

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