I slept quietly for a time
Not thinking of anything
Remembering the code of honor
The Bondye made me sing.

A form nobody could make out
Came upon a white cloud
Hermes told a story once
But his voice wasn’t very loud.

A tale within a parable
A rhyme with a reason
Loki casts his spell upon you
But it only lasts a season.

Osiris called it a night
Sent everyone away
When he says it is time to go
It’s a little too late to pray.

I sat quietly upon a bench
Then Thoth told me to rhyme
Smart is a man that whispers
Through all dimensions, and time.

It was slowly getting dark
Very nearly night
When Mithras came along
Turned on his brilliant light.

I’ve come to tell a story
That goes against the odds
I wanted to use them all
But there are far too many Gods.