Seeker, Not the Prize

Cross the side of the right
Doesn’t really mean you’re wrong.
Just because you’ve lived a life
Doesn’t mean you have a song.
You can kill a thousand in battle
Leave bodies laying around.
You’ve just cured the world of noise
Now there isn’t any sound.
You’ve not brought anyone back to life
Or proven anything at all.
Only that you’ve no power to stop
Hitting your head against the proverbial wall.
Shooting past the mark one time
Finally led to this great day
Nobody really had to say a word
We just willed his soul away.
We’ve lost judgement in certain criteria
Left to those that pine for life.
We dance circles around the forgotten ones
That think it’s a miracle to be a wife.
I paid the price of trusting
Laid all my disdain to rest.
Now I sit and watch the waves
It’s beautiful when they crest.
You can eagerly wait her reply
Hanging for life onto that phone.
Does she care? Does she not?
Is never really known.
Hero’s come in various forms
Some lead to your demise.
We like to root for the hunter
The seeker, not the prize.



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