He’s Too Much

Sniveling about the price
The drive, the cost
It doesn’t matter to him
Everything she suddenly lost.

Hope reached into her one night
In the back of a truck
With what was a magical kiss
Maybe a little bit of luck.

Then his excuses began
He already got the prize
Why worry about her feelings now?
Why not bury her in lies?

She gave up on her life
Laying one night in her bed
Begging for it to be over
Wanting to be dead.

I went over to her house
Try to get her out of this ditch
I told her he wasn’t too much for her
He was too much of a bitch.

Real men don’t use women
They don’t prey upon the weak.
All we can do is hope one day he learns
Finds himself a freak.

Climbs out of bed one day
Made herself a pledge.
It took so many of us
To talk her off that edge.



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