I Hid Them

Between the places I went
And those I refused.
People so fed up from life
It nearly made them feel used.

A cross hangs on a wall
Nobody looks at anymore.
We started the fight in our hearts
But nobody will win this war.

I hid them in places nobody sees
Because they are too busy being lost.
I hid them behind principles
Because nobody understands the cost.

He tries to pretend she doesn’t matter
So he carefully remembers the night.
Maybe it would be easier to rid of her
If they had a tremendous fight.

She kneels at the alter of the lost
Forgiving the sins of fools.
They hand her a token of remembrance
But she doesn’t remember their rules.

I hid them in the cost of betrayal
Where nobody can keep score.
I hid them in ashes of the dead
Where they won’t be used anymore.

He runs his fingers down her back
Kisses her gently on the cheek.
Hopefully she’ll be dead
So he won’t have to see her next week.

I hid them in the eyes of a man
That I knew could take my heart.
I knew he’d be imperfect and practical
But wouldn’t have a clue where to start.


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