I’m caught somewhere between
Where I will go, and where I will stay.
Who I will be
And what will happen one day.

Between those that know me
And those that know nothing.
Between the banging silence of forever
And the right now that delivers a sting.

One writes of his feelings daily
While the one I want abates.
We want the world we’ve created in our head
But not the one the world creates.

Another writes of me going forth
Maybe in hopes I’ll pursue?
“Of all the things I’ve ever wanted,
None of them were you.”

I’m caught between the man I want
Wanting to run away.
Me, sitting here hoping
One day he’ll want to stay.

The grey skies above me
Do nothing to fill my head.
He doesn’t want a wife, really
Ideally, he just wants me in bed.

While everyone confuses my head
I sit here and wonder why.
Of all the things I’ve ever done
You’ll never make me cry.



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