I Knew I Would Miss You

There are lights above the parlor
If you squint, you may see them.
I can barely make out the form of your body
In this much darkness.

Heightened senses leaves us aware
Of everything, but the sound.
Ripples in a pond barely rattle us
While the thunder reminds us of the night we made love.

If I told you I wanted to breathe you in
Would you promise to never let me go?
Would you tell me that I am more loved today
Than I’ve been my entire life, so I can sleep?

The parlor lights begin to dim
As we dance the night away.
The night does nothing to temper our mood
Yet the alcohol is telling us to move it along.

There were words swirling around us
As the night waned away.
I wore this beautiful robe when I said goodbye
Because I knew I would miss you.


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