There is a river,  within me,
No one has ever found.
The screaming,  within me,
Yet no one heard a sound.

The love,  within me,
Nobody has ever touched.
A heart, unneeded
Nobody has ever clutched.

A trust, denied
In every sense of being.
The world, around me
Sometimes not worth seeing.

I clutch a book in my hand
Contains the answers to it all.
It speaks of the walk of man
That began, with a crawl.

When one person is speaking the truth
All the others, a lie
People believe in numbers
And nobody asks why.

A woman can be the answer
To every question you ever asked.
I, however, seem more like the party
Where everyone is masked.

There is power, within me
I haven’t even touched on.
There are moments, in my life,
Where I wish I was gone.

A symphony, without rhythm
Or a poem, without a rhyme.
I can be instant you lose your breath
Or the years you lost to time.

Within me, is reason,
I just don’t use it very much.
Within me, is logic
But I don’t use it, as such.

I’ve changed the course of destiny
To utilize my head.
My heart is safely tucked away
And you’ll never get in my bed.