Dangerous Sense of Reality

I’m a sexy form of fantasy

Dangerous sense of reality

All rolled into one.

I’m a hell raiser in the middle of the night

An angel during the day

With a mix of adventurous fun.

I’m the sex you want that makes you yearn

The abstinence that makes you burn

Yet something simply delicious you can taste.

I’ll light a fire in your soul

Watch it burn, feed it coal

Then want to waste the night away deep in your heart.

I’m a mess when it comes to disaster

But in chains, I am the master

There is nobody that can hold a candle to me.

Not quite easy to get

Nobody has gotten me yet

But someone somewhere I am sure lies in wait.

I’m a broken woman, but not to the core

I’ll call your bluff and make it a chore

There is nothing simple within a woman’s mind.

A tragic mistake between two fools

A woman, that hates all the rules

But their mistakes can end up to be your reward.



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