I Would Fall

If you would show me that where I landed

Was not going to hurt me.

If you proved your word was as good

As everything I’ve ever said to you.

If you took time out of your day

To make mine a little bit better.

If you relieved some stress from me

In an honest attempt to not add more.

If you believed more in what we have between us

Than anything else in this world.

If you wanted a raging wildfire

That sometimes burned out of control.

If you would touch my body for years

Like it was the very first time we ever touched.

If you held my heart in protected hands

Willing to die to not see it broken.


I would fall

Not for empty words

Written in text

Or heavy breathing

Over a telephone.

I would fall

For the look in your eyes

As I undress in front of you.

I would fall

For the many pieces of us

We could put back together

With just a touch.

I would fall

For the chance of being one with you




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