Are you looking for something that lasts forever
Or maybe for just one night?
Looking to make up for all you’ve done wrong
Or make something finally right?

Are you looking for a love that lasts a lifetime
Or a wet hole to put your mess?
You looking for a specific kind of woman
Or just anything in a dress?

Are you looking to really make a difference
Put the spark back in a life without?
Will you be her whisper early in the morning
Or end up being that loud, resounding shout?

Are you willing to make her your queen the rest of your life
Take her hand and soul into yours?
Are you feigning interest for the show you create
Just ready to slam the doors?

I just need to know if you’re willing to make a difference
End up taking a little less than you want
To sacrifice what you think you need
For more than a little jaunt.