Will It Stop Raining?

In a second of infinite glory

A match was lit within.

What began as something I trusted

Ended being my indelible sin.

I woke one morning with scars

With a knife, I could not remove.

Bleeding from wounds I caused myself

Now I had something to prove.

Doubt made all my decisions

But hate settled my score.

If we’re all honest about all of this

I turned out to be quite a whore.

Time and God calmed my soul

The beast not longer stirs.

I wouldn’t make a wager on any of this

But I bet some of this is yours.

Fanatical about justice

I never had my peace.

I lost religion due to subservience

Then watched my pain increase.

Filtered everything I heard

Through a very jaded sieve.

When someone wanted more of me

They suddenly became a thief.

I hid reflections of past alliances

Forgot my test to duty.

If there is one thing I could use as a weapon

It would always be my beauty.

Now I look back at those forgotten years

Wish I had so much less pain.

Today I wonder as I sit in the aftermath

If it will ever stop with this rain.



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