Gray Coat

I see your brown eyes

Wishing all the waves away.

See them dancing in the moon

As everything goes your way.

I see your gray coat closed to all the weather

Because life has decided you needed snow.

It hides the lines you wish weren’t there

The frown you wish you didn’t show.

I see your life passing right before your eyes

As you wander down a road you don’t know.

With veracity you take up the march

But for all that, you forgot the show.

I see you dance in a ballroom full of women

Wearing black, because it is your trick.

You show them none of your emotion yet

Because you don’t know which one you’re going to pick.

I see your gray coat laying on the floor

Lifeless and still.

If it weren’t for this very moment

I’d swear she was just another thrill.



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