I Love

I love the sun

The way it lays across the land.

An open

And ever friendly hand.

The shade

When the sun begins to blare.

A secret place

Nobody knew was there.

The shadows

Ever following us around.

His voice

The most soothing of sound.

The temptation

That comes with being whole.

The craving

That ends when we are full.

His mouth

Wrapped around mine.

The feeling

When you know everything is fine.

The catfish

When I knew he was caught.

The knowledge

All his lies brought.

The sinner

For pointing out the path.

The saint

Succumbing to my wrath.

The forgotten

For reminding me where I came.

The famous

For being so very lame.


For giving birth to me.


For deciding he would flee.

I love life

All it’s ups and downs.

The trees

In all the little towns.



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