Found wandering lost in a cavern, she was naked, and unafraid. Unalarmed by what the cat had drug in, she was more curious about the braid. The one that was so benevolent, her lips were always pierced. Thorns grew around an unused urn, that an apothecary left dangling.

Clouds formed in anger once, betrayed by a storm it couldn’t follow. We summed up the parts of our pasts that we were able to ascertain, but could never quite swallow. Chased forever to the loneliest places, we reached the end of a rope that we had no idea was dangling right above our heads.

Caged, was I, in the midst of the most beautiful battle. They said everyone was cheering and ranting, but to me, they were just cattle. Dumb, being able to be subjected to whatever the person that fed them felt like dealing them, and too ignorant to realize, they themselves, were the commodity.

When Spring finally came to the village, everything had flourished. When the priest looked at me though, he wondered what made me nourished.



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