I wore the polish just like he wanted

The red panties, he wanted me to wear

He’d say I could just come and get him

But he wasn’t really anywhere.


Bought the house so he’d see I was settled

Maybe even make me his wife.

Trials and tribulations abound

In this ever changing life.


Changed all the things with me that dulled

I wanted to shine for our souls.

When once we found the desire so pleasing

We found the blanket was covered in holes.


I know you are thinking this is fiction

But I swear to everything it is true.

What makes one see the darkness of night

One can only see it blue.


There is a picture I’ve always wanted

He swore one day it was mine.

It was like he was telling the world I was his

But to everyone else, it was a sign.


I’d go on and on for hours

Telling everyone I hated to boast.

She said “he’s best kept secret in life

But how does one love a ghost?”


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