Transfixed by that which is clairvoyant,

Leaning glass against the wall.

We search endlessly for that first kiss

But then we want them all.

Fought endlessly for truth

Justice paid the price.

I’d tell you it all got better

But I’m really not that nice.

Trees obscure a view for me

I was left alone in the dark.

Summer makes me think of freedom

Like that night we sat in a park.

Hinder the progress of one

You probably will not hear a word.

Hinder the progress of many

You will end up getting the herd.

Do you wander with angels, friend?

Do you know the price you pay?

Did you hear her whisper of solidarity

When she knew you wouldn’t stay?

Do you wander with devils, friend?

Can you even imagine the cost?

For every one thing you’ve taken

A thousand fold, you have lost.