What if everything I did suddenly turned to dust?

What if what I really didn’t want to do, someone said I must?

What if every day I worked it took off my life?

What if I never get to be a mans wife?

What if I never really know why I am alive?

What if every argument was always in vain?

What if I could feel the sun, but never touch the rain?

What if mister right came along and I told him to get lost?

What if every kind word I said, suddenly turned to frost?

What if I caused a storm that made many run away?

What if all I wanted, was one that would stay?

What if silence was the answer, and all I did was scream?

What if I thought I was his nightmare, and I really was his dream?


In life I’ve had three chances

To let it all go.

I could swim with the current

Or against the natural flow.

I’ve always taken the most resistance

I felt it was my way.

What if I thought tomorrow would be better

Than everything that happened today?