What If

What if everything I did suddenly turned to dust?

What if what I really didn’t want to do, someone said I must?

What if every day I worked it took off my life?

What if I never get to be a mans wife?

What if I never really know why I am alive?

What if every argument was always in vain?

What if I could feel the sun, but never touch the rain?

What if mister right came along and I told him to get lost?

What if every kind word I said, suddenly turned to frost?

What if I caused a storm that made many run away?

What if all I wanted, was one that would stay?

What if silence was the answer, and all I did was scream?

What if I thought I was his nightmare, and I really was his dream?


In life I’ve had three chances

To let it all go.

I could swim with the current

Or against the natural flow.

I’ve always taken the most resistance

I felt it was my way.

What if I thought tomorrow would be better

Than everything that happened today?



5 thoughts on “What If

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  1. She was a girl with so many questions and so much attitude and fight

    But she seemed the kinda girl to look to the dark instead of light

    Not that I could blame her or question her every thought

    But I can’t help but wonder what it is that she’s fought

    She was the kinda girl who was war hardened but sain

    But she seemed the kinda girl who is always in pain

    She was the kinda girl who worried about men and love

    But she seemed the kinda girl who thought she was a crow but was really a dove

    She was the kinda girl that made me worried and reminded me of another girl I knew

    But she was the kinda girl I always thought in my mind “could never love a man like you”

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