I have

A little touch of madness

With an empty cup of trust.

Some aching need

I never divulge

Even to those

I pretend to trust.

Enough sanity to make you wonder

And beauty to make it fade.

A wonderful sense of freedom

Just too bad you won’t get laid.

I have

A maniacal sense of order

When I think they’ve gone astray.

An absolute resilience

When things don’t quite go my way.

A wavering loyalty

To nobody

Except of course,


A desire to know the truth

With just enough apathy

To never find it.

I’d be an angel to a madman

A nightmare to a King.

Wander aimlessly lost at times

Or at least as so it would seem.

I have

Enough religion to keep me grounded

With a touch of Satan inside.

A playground of a body

With an out of order slide.

I have

An exceptional vocabulary

I hardly ever use.

I believe in nothing

And nobody

And those are all your clues.