I may have forgotten to tell you

I’m married to my trust.

An amicable alliance

With a silly form of lust.

I didn’t tell you I was a secret

Lost, never found.

I love the honor behind betrayal

Oh yes, and being bound.

I like it rough

Then some days soft

I like a mild storm


I didn’t tell you I was green

In the ways of make believe.

A gentle hand within a chaos

With something up my sleeve.

I can be brilliant

Then elude you with dumb.

Take a crazy knife to your ventricles

Yet somehow get your thumb.


Crossed my eyes

Dotted my tees

Sent the letter

Forgot the …


Empty as the day

Useless as the verbiage

We lost the translation

When we didn’t have the courage.


I didn’t tell you I was blind

To the useless points of sin.

Always knew the ending

Didn’t know where to begin.