Both Were Prey

The scene was rather tragic

Lines were drawn in sands

Eyes were peering at one another

As if both were prey.

The fight costs more than lives

It cost my soul

Because that is what I bartered

For my life.


Years later I found myself lost

Wandering aimlessly towards a light

I swear was thousands of miles away.


But for lost I give my eternity

To the found I sell my heart.

Crosses bore another time

We didn’t actually part.

But for the grace of mercy

A tender and appropriate appeal

We got the better part of this endeavor

But man that was a terrible deal.


Time took the restraint from me

I lost, and I knew I had.

The better part of valor

Left me feeling quite bad.


Now I turn from nothing

My face, in the sun.

I’d tell you this was two or three

But it is a fight, of one.


War Clouds

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