It begins as a drizzle;

Just some drops on your head.

Then comes the downpour

That makes you leap out of bed.

The crashing of the thunder

Makes you worry of the noise.

The lightening brings peace

To those of us without boys.

Danger lurks within the fight

You have inside your head.

Nothing beats the tranquility

Of nothing in your bed.

You’ve stirred some angry demons

Now they want to play.

But you aren’t strong enough

To fight with them today.


Far off in the distance

You love to watch the rain.

From afar you can say what you want

With the inability to feel pain.

Sheer clothes don’t hide the damage

Of what was once done.

Why stand in the beautiful night

When everyone worships the sun?


“Hell hath no fury”

Is what they always say.

A sword riddled with damage

Will be used one day.

They name storms after people

There is a reason for that.

No matter where you hide it comes

Even if you’re a rat.


You seemingly fail to hear

The distant sound of drumming.

Let me reassure you, my dear

The storm is finally coming.