A child is born in sin

Regret takes her places

Both parties

Just want her “away”

From them.


Seemingly undeniable

The truth lingers within the lie.

There is no judge or jury for this

Just an inability to cry.


Tender hands reaching out

Trying to find love

Where there is none.


Running through a forest one day

I let everything hurt me along the way.

I know you are here, I can see that,

But are you going to stay?


Little blue eyes peek out

Wanting nothing but love

But it won’t come

For many, many years.


Finally shattered and afraid

Left stagnant in a life I hated to live.

Stalking the night like a predator

Feeling like I had nothing to give.


Mistaken for a fortune

Brought up, completely

By mistake.


One two, I buckled my shoe

Three four, I shut the door

Five, six, fuck the sticks

Seven, eight, love this hate.