We wore plaid on the day of the event

Because our ancestors did.

We melt iron and steel to forge weapons

It worked so well to kill what we thought

Were our enemies

That we didn’t even question the morality

Of the absolute resolve it required

To take as many lives

As we needed

To fulfill our obligation.

Now we wear bracelets

To proclaim how life

Is so important to us

That we needn’t kill it

Before it has a chance

To take its first breath.


We wandered aimlessly in all directions

Looking for anything

We could steal from those

That had less than we did.

The covenant we held so dear

Listed no rules of engagement

Nor did it emphasize

The requirement

Of all the collateral damage.


We sit at large tables

Laughing at treaties

Meant to save lives.


Silence is our only truth

Everything else,

Literally everything

Is a lie.