When you open the wound

To show him

Explain to him

How much it hurt,

The damage it caused you

And your life.


When you show him

The woman you became

From the pain

And anguish

Of this wound.


He doesn’t recoil

Back peddle

Or hesitate.

He inspects the wound

Touches the edges

Asks about the source

Then proceeds to apologize

For the lack of humanity

For the pain it caused you

For the life it took from you.


Then he promises

With everything inside of him

He’ll make up for every part of it

Until neither of you

Notice the scar anymore.

 For my hero, David.



5 thoughts on “Open

Add yours

  1. My Angel, I will do exactly that. I will heal your open wounds. I will heal you from the inside out and remove the pain. I will face all of your dangers and pain from the past head on and destroy them one at a time.
    I will heal your scars… For my Love, I don’t see the scars as such; I only see your beauty. The beauty of an Angel’s Soul that shines a heavenly light for all to follow to be healed by you…
    I will heal you so you can heal everyone else my Beautiful Angel…

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