She Is

She’s a little bit of anger

Mixed with some healthy sun.

Something you knew you lost

Then found out that you won.

Some foresight into the future

With a very jaded past.

Maybe not the first you’ve seen

But will definitely be your last.

The sunset on a beautiful day

Where thunder marks your night.

That one time, in the grocery store

She tried to pick a fight.

An angel to your friends by day

Marked by a beautiful light.

Filled with passion in the dark

Oh, but its a sight.

Sheer force within the destruction

When nobody wants to play.

Softness when you need it

Light that guides your way.

She’s an empty bottle when you need a drink

And food when you are starved.

Hunger when you crave the flesh

A statue so brilliantly carved.

She’s your anchor when you get lost

In the storm that life creates.

The lady that watches you

While she patiently, lovingly waits.



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