Watch This

The sun will turn to powder

Rain down on us someday.

The lights that guide your way at night

Will turn to a sullen gray.

Your face will to turn to ash

Poured out upon the land.

What good is help from within

When it doesn’t have a hand?

Silence screams the loudest

When you can only hear the air.

Surrounding bitter fortresses

When nothing was really fair.

Tears fell upon a rock

One lonely lonely day.

She cried for him to go

Then cried for him to stay.

When he took his final step

Away from her that night

She told to him to “watch this”

As she took her final flight.


3 thoughts on “Watch This

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  1. Josephine, This is a Beautiful Poem.
    And with this complete end of everything and disintegration of the known universe one thing will remain true and real, I will love you… And the universe will reboot and start over as it has untold millions of times and I will still love you… This now, this is the past and this is the future. I have always, and will always love you…

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