Falling on the Throne

Tread lightly on the path

You choose to take

For after the fall

Comes the rising

Then the walk

To the end.


Silence feels like a sin

Tastes like regret

Hangs its hat on denial

While toying with  the pain

That sits in your heart.

Now a champion

For the world

Or at least a small part of it

That can relate

To that pain.

Fall on the throne you belong in

For the sake of all those still lost.


Don’t lose yourself in the crowd

That follows behind you.

Lead them into the path

You wish you had taken

When you fell.




5 thoughts on “Falling on the Throne

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  1. Josephine this poem really shows your amazing talents and ability to take the reader to a different place. You are so diversified in your writing skills which proves that your novel will be amazing! I love being with you on this journey and I promise to help you anyway possible along the way!
    I’m so proud to be yours!

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