Welcome To Our Heaven

Soft, swirling emotions

We couldn’t even begin

To describe.

Our lives,


Soft sheets welcome us

To our heaven.


Hands grasping at forever

Holding truths known only to us.

Softness gives way to need

A sanctity, without fuss.

Bodies giving in to one another

The urge rising by the day.

Hope is the wave of the scene

That never goes away.

Sitting and waiting for you to get in

Even if it is eleven.

Once you’re here and the doors are closed

We’ll finally be in our heaven.


3 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Heaven

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  1. Everyday, every minute, every second with you is truly heaven my Angel…
    Such a beautiful and touching poem that reminds me of how I feel deep in my heart. Thank you for your beautiful words. You are so gifted my Love.

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