Dulls the Senses

A smoldering fire in the background

That used to consume everything in its path.

The smell of disintegration surrounds all of them

To the point that most feel vulnerable to it.

Worn, they leave the area in search of their truth

Only to find it in the worst possible places.

Most fall victim to their own tyranny

Which leads them to the entrails of society.


First the drink makes you feel strong

Dulls the senses

Just enough

That you forget what happened,

If only for a little while.

Then you feel weak for needing it

You deny needing it

Even as you reach for it.

You love it

Because you don’t have to feel

Or think.

You lose family




Yet somehow it isn’t the fault

Of you

Or what you do.


Denial is a beautiful gift

You hand to people

Begging to know your truth

When you don’t want them to have it.


2 thoughts on “Dulls the Senses

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  1. Very touching poem Josephine. Very well written. A topic that so many can relate to in some way. Your are an amazing Author my Angel that touches the hearts of so many in such a beautiful way…

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