I remember the color of a washing machine

That shielded me from the hands, but not the words

Of a monster.

I remember thousands of times I was told

Nobody wanted me

And how lucky I should feel

To be brought up with those who tried to care for me.

I remember being hit over the head

With a baseball bat

From a man that to this day still wishes

I wasn’t breathing.

I remember the first time I thought I was in love

And how it felt

To watch him marry someone else.

I remember my first job

And walking away from it


You ask me if I remember you

And I do

Just like I remember everything else.



2 thoughts on “Remember

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  1. This poem says so much. You are so gifted at putting emotions and life events into meaningful words Josephine. Outstanding poem! Sometimes though it is better to forget… To replace the pain and bad memories with joy and good memories…

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