I Believe You

I believe you..

Even though you were drunk

Or wore tight clothing

Didn’t scream

Or didn’t tell them to stop.

Although they are rich

And you are poor,

They are coveted athletes

And you are a cashier at a bookstore.

Although you are male

Or young

Or said yes to this person 100 times before.

I believe you..

Even if nobody else does.

Even if the police ask you stupid questions

Even if the court determines you don’t have a case

Even if they find them innocent at trial.

I hear you..

Even when you feel like nobody else is

Even when nobody else is

Even when the world seems to turn its back on you.

Even though you were too young to understand

Even though you never told anyone.

Even though you feel like it is your deep dark secret.

I will shout for you..

Even though you couldn’t right then

Even when the media dies down

People put down their signs

I’ll never stop shouting for you.



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