Don’t Waste Your Time

My mother is the beauty of the earth

Trees, sky and stars.

See her all around me

Even encompassing Mars.

My father is the weather

Storms and all the snow.

He punishes me with freedom

But stayed to watch me grow.

Hated all my life

For who they thought I was from.

Wrong, every one of them

The poor, deluded scum.

They, stuck with a witch and a drunk

While I get the earth.

Regardless, both of my parents

Were there at my birth.

One providing the air around her

The other, the room.

The moment of my birth

A flower was bound to bloom.

My father is the air I breathe,

My mother leads the way.

Unlike most other parents

They never lead me astray.

There is no reason to hate me

For I am from the land.

Not an unwanted child

But given a touching hand.

Don’t waste your time

Trying to hate the orphan.

I have the parents you never did

And much, much more fun.


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