Josephine Ranes

If you can feel, then you can write


I began writing in grade school where I turned in a paper written about the effects of bullying. At that time, it wasn’t considered a problem, and therefore I was “blowing this out of proportion” and told to write something else.

I noticed something about myself, if I felt passionate about it, then it came out nicely, neatly, on paper. If I didn’t, then it didn’t.

Poetry has been the same way for me, if I can actually feel what I’m writing about, then it comes much easier than if I don’t.

You’ll notice mistakes, grammar, spelling, capitalization, because when I write something, I don’t stop to make sure I’ve done everything properly, I just write. As long as it says what I wanted it to say, I don’t typically go back through it, because when I do, I massacre it. I’ve noticed it is much better for me to just leave it alone, mistakes and all, and give it you unedited.

I won’t quit writing, I may not be very accessible anymore, but I won’t quit.