I Believe You

I believe you..

Even though you were drunk

Or wore tight clothing

Didn’t scream

Or didn’t tell them to stop.

Although they are rich

And you are poor,

They are coveted athletes

And you are a cashier at a bookstore.

Although you are male

Or young

Or said yes to this person 100 times before.

I believe you..

Even if nobody else does.

Even if the police ask you stupid questions

Even if the court determines you don’t have a case

Even if they find them innocent at trial.

I hear you..

Even when you feel like nobody else is

Even when nobody else is

Even when the world seems to turn its back on you.

Even though you were too young to understand

Even though you never told anyone.

Even though you feel like it is your deep dark secret.

I will shout for you..

Even though you couldn’t right then

Even when the media dies down

People put down their signs

I’ll never stop shouting for you.



Silence is a Killer

When all you want in your life

Is to hear their voice one more time,

Tell them how your day was

Ask them a question about life

Have them listen to your new favorite song

Show them a car you just got

Hear them breathe.

When you would give anything

Absolutely anything

To touch them

Take them somewhere

No matter how insignificant.

But you cannot

Because this silence

Is deafening.

Seen in the Dust

Boots scape across the grass

Laying it down

For a brief moment.

Grass rises again

Dust settles

But the fragements

That seem to remain

Within us

Is seen in the dust

We leave behind.


I Feel You

Your touch reminds me I’m alive

A woman worthy of feeling you.

Concerned voice reminds me I’m wanted

A woman worthy of being taken care of.


Sometimes I forget my place

Setting the life I knew behind.

They didn’t respond with what I thought

Weren’t very kind.

You came along and taught me

Life can be a charm.

Never again would I worry

Of that dirty little farm.

I feel you surround me

Through my bitter little core.

Hope I end up being your answer

And never your chore.


Sound of Revenge

Deafening, like an ache

That takes over your body

One cell at a time

Until you are consumed.

Life fulfills its destiny

Just in time

For your second arrival.

The sound of revenge

Is the core of your problem

Magnified for only you to see,

Because everyone else has moved on.

Like dancing on a matchstick

Taking the last piece of bread

Leaving a note behind

Because we are all cowards

Just waiting for something

To make it all right again.

Milking Daisies

Every since she was a little girl

She’s been going out in this field.

Picking daisies.

One day she decided

It wasn’t enough;

Just looking at them.

Now you see out there


Trying to milk daisies.

Nobody can convince her

She’ll get nothing from it.

For years

You’d see her out there

Wandering around

Trying to get something

That you can’t possibly get

From what most people call a weed.

Then one day

She walks out of the field

Turns around

Realizing how insane that must have looked

How many years she spent

How many years she wasted.

Close the Door

Stood outside the room

Just looking in

Because participation

Wasn’t necessary.

Beer cans strewn across the floor

Worn out candle

Left to be discarded

Like everything else

They never had.

Pieces of me

In traces of him

Left me wondering

Why I stood so long in the doorway.


Sometimes in life

We can stand the in door

Looking around a room

Then we need desperately

To close the door.


Sometimes you need to sit

Quietly in the room they left you

Picking up pieces of yourself


When they not only forgot who you were

But never

Not once

Remembered your value.

Sometimes you need to scream

At everyone

For everything.

Because the lie you were fed;

The lie

Forced down your throat

Was not even on the same planet

As the truth.

Sometimes we vacillate

Between the anger that comes from the betrayal

Fear it will happen again

Disgust at the monsters that did it,

And the hurt that stitch up the wound.


We vacillate heavily

Between the urge to die

The fear to live

And the desire to fight.


Everything Around Me

You are the air I take into my lungs

When I take a breath

I am thankful for.

The light I see in the sky

When the stars are shining at night

Just the way we love them.

The art carefully placed

On a wall we built ourselves;

In a life we love to live.

Rain that falls on our roof

Settling in the ground;

Providing it to the land.

You are my world;

Everything around me

Everything I am.

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