The Most Pitiful Request

You prey upon the weakest of us,

Those that are wandering lost

And alone, in a world filled with people

Pretending to be busy.

We are the downtrodden

The forgotten ones

Wandering paths that we didn’t choose

Nor would we have

If we were given the choice.

We are so very lonely

Craving the attention of someone


We are the kindhearted

The ones that give

With no idea what it would be like

To take.

We sit blindly

As you tell us everything

We’ve ever wanted to hear.

As you gain trust,

We lose.

As you gain a heart you don’t deserve

We lose.

As you gain the secrets of our lives

We lose.

There is nothing in this

Little game

That we don’t know we are playing

That we understand.

We are a pawn

Nothing more.


Serrated edges on a knife

Pulled skin to the side

To release the blood within.

When will it stop bleeding?


You Don’t Know

You just don’t know…

What is like to hurt, until you have heard your child say they hate you.

What it is like to lose something, until you turn around in the store and your 2 year old is nowhere to be found.

What it is like to love, until you give it completely to someone unconditionally.

What it is like to be torn apart, until that person walks out of your life without reason.

What it is like to be poor, until you don’t have a dime, and need to take your child to the doctor.

What it is like to be mean, until someone does something terrible to someone you love.

What it is like to give everything of yourself, until you find out that your best friend just died 14 minutes after a terrible argument.

What is like to touch someone, until your gentle words make them cry.

What is like to hate, until you find out someone has come into your home and taken everything you own.

What your character is made of, until something happens to make you question everything.


Up ahead it must be better

Than all this confusion in my way.

I only took the lighter path

Because I couldn’t stay.

Hidden in the muck of mess

Lying for the truth instead

Knowing it isn’t ever over

But I never listen to my head.

Suddenly seeing a glimpse

Of angels sudden peering

Knowing right around this bend

It just has to be clearing.


Hearing him laughing one day

At all the ladies he’s reached.

It was a terrible lesson in life for them

But one that needed to preached.

Sudden loss in temperament

Now he’s gone astray

Wonders if the many women

Just suddenly went away.

Sudden endings are forgone

The messages are nearing.

Now at the close of his performance

His entitlement is clearing.


Clouds move in one day in anger

Leaving nothing but dismay.

It wasn’t what for forecasted

That sunny November day.

Afraid, she goes out to confront

Yells back at this treacherous storm.

What was once left to the crazies

Has now become the norm.

Suddenly, it moves around her

Almost like it lost its steering.

She sighed when she realized

The terrible storm was clearing.

Say It

People will question you

Doubt every word of it,

To the point of not listening

Once you get to the point

They don’t believe.

They’ll question your honor

Your integrity

Ask where you were

What you said

Probably even ask

What you were wearing.

You’ll see people telling their stories

No questions asked.

People just believe them

Because it doesn’t affect them

Or you aren’t acting quite right.


If you were really a victim

You’d be saying this..

Doing that..

But you aren’t

So you must be lying.


They want to doubt you so hard

That you begin doubting yourself.

Maybe that didn’t really happen

Or maybe

Just maybe

You took it out of context.


The battle within you

Meets the battle before you

In a contest where only the strong survive.


Whether you stand there shaking

Unable to put a clear sentence together

Or you scream it

At the nearest person to you

Over and over

Until you are satisfied

Someone on this stupid planet is listening..


You need to say it.


Then show them your clothes

Show them your integrity

Show them your honor

Show them your strength.

Not Really Very Drunk

A gentle breeze blows over our bodies

Reminding us there is a world around.

Hearing only one another

Not any other sound.

We touch and taste the surroundings

Only reaching for the sky.

Not really very drunk

But man, were we both high.

We decide one other is our truth

Finally settling, right there and then.

We’ll set a formal show one day

But won’t tell anyone when.

A Flower Blooms

Hiding in empty fortresses

Laid out every so often,

Just so we can understand

What silence sounds like.

We sit and wait to catch our breath

As another battle commences

Right outside the door.


I struggle to find peace in a world

So consumed with fighting

They make things up

Just to keep the flame burning.


A flower blooms on a grave

Nobody visits,

Because that persons war

Is over.



I remember the color of a washing machine

That shielded me from the hands, but not the words

Of a monster.

I remember thousands of times I was told

Nobody wanted me

And how lucky I should feel

To be brought up with those who tried to care for me.

I remember being hit over the head

With a baseball bat

From a man that to this day still wishes

I wasn’t breathing.

I remember the first time I thought I was in love

And how it felt

To watch him marry someone else.

I remember my first job

And walking away from it


You ask me if I remember you

And I do

Just like I remember everything else.


Justice Is A Lie

You are caught at a time of vulnerability

Trusting in the nature of people.

In a few seconds

With a few actions

Your world changes.

At first

You just want to know you are alright.


You want vengeance,

Which others call justice.

People will tell you


This justice

Will help you.

There is no amount of punishment

That will take your pain away.

From Silence Comes The Storm

Beating a path I couldn’t take

The forces that move me finally at bay.

I stirred a little in the sheets

Then laid the past to rest in a tomb.

A valley laid out behind the city

With beautiful white flowers nobody wants.

I ran through them once

Lit ablaze from something I had started.

Nobody asked why the darkness comes after dawn

Nor do they question the fact

From the silence comes the storm.

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