A dizzying array of emotion

Crashing into every available target

Like a wave crashing upon the sand

Then sliding away

Only to do it again.

Order and precedence

Mean nothing

To a group meant to harm

Us all.

The enemy is never without

It is within.


Do You Hear That?



Do you hear that?

I can feel it on your skin.



You don’t know where to begin.

Danger in too much regret

But scars to let it show

Move on to the next target

Without the formality

Or legality

To know.

Teaches you a letter

But not the word

It goes within

Touches too much

Of your essence

But never

Your skin.

Brittani – Jul 21, 2012


List of Demands

He was darkness

And I loved it;

Anger with a twist

Said “this is going to happen”

I didn’t doubt it a bit.

A sexy kind of twisted

I very much enjoy

A complicated list of demands

With weapons

I’ll deploy.

A thread of common decency

Enough to keep me blind.

He played enough

With my body

Now going for my mind.


A pure and rhythmic deisgn

With a flaw nobody could see

Tangled with vines holding her back

From everything she could be.

Systematically she removed the bonds

With a smile she came back to being

All this time she thought she was living

But never was she seeing.


The thing about being bound

Are the rats that take what they can.

Those typing from far away

You aren’t quite sure are even a man.



There was a darkness surrounding her

She swore was the other side.

Enemies riddled with deception

They were in for a wild ride.

First, she had to look pleasant

Like an angel in disguise.

Listening to the air around

But he wasn’t very wise.

Sat alone in a room in silence

She knew what she had to do.

Bring discourse to those with none

Listen to only a few.

Darkness gave her direction

While the light burned within.

Every time they said she was an angel

She had this beautifully innocent grin.


You Are Here

Reading me

With nothing else to do

But watch to see

If all the pawns are taken

And the Queen is left

To fight for herself.

You are here

To find out

If I’ve succumbed

To what ailed me

Years ago.


Will be so sorely disappointed

If you think

I’ll give you that crumb

You’re begging for.


The true test

Of a watcher

Is the ability

To not let anyone know

What side you are on

Of anything.


But I can tell you

With unequivocal certainty

I’m not on your side.


I Walked Away

You fell down a cliff

So I tied a rope around myself

To go down and get you

But you cut the rope

And let me fall.

You were flailing in water

I thought you were drowning

So I went out to get you

And you pulled me under

Drowning me.

You were dying of thirst

In a desert

So I brought you water.

You took it from me

Leaving me there

To die.

You fashioned a bomb

Tied it around yourself

Swearing to everyone

You’d hit the button.

I stood talking to you

For hours

So you handed it to me

And hit the button

As you walked away.

You tied a noose

To a tree

Yelling about how life was so unfair

That you had nothing


So I walked away.


Ropes lay on a dusty floor

In a room nobody has visited

In quite a while.

They brought her here to confess

Hoping it will be quick

And painless.

A sound and hard confession

That life ripped out of her heart.

One she didn’t want to give.

She told of the misfortune of her youth

How she planned the demise

Of everyone.

Swore to everyone

That she everything they thought

Was a lie.

She admitted defeat

Even when everything

Was winning within her.

She took a hard fall

To give them nothing

But the words they wanted

In their confession.


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